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Montano Explorer

We are a small company that wants to bring you into the heart of Patagonia. We continue exploring new areas in Patagonia in order to find unique adventures where you can experience the true beauty of this incredible place. We adventure into parts where there are only animal trails to follow. There is no limit to the possibilities of adventure here in Patagonia and we never stop wondering what there is around to discover. Come share our passion for Patagonia and have an experience you will never forget

Koen Jongerling – Owner/Guide

This company was founded on the idea to be in and with nature. After being raised in the Netherlands, I have learned through my years of various outdoor studies and courses that nature is where my passion lies. Arriving in Patagonia 11 years ago has shown me that pure untouched nature is still around. I would like to show you my vision and take you to the areas that I have come to love.

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