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Beautiful Memories

This private page is made to share the beautiful memories that I am making each time going down south or going up north. It really is a diary made into films. The idea is to share glimpses of my private and work life for the people that are interested.

Antarctica 2023

With special thanks to Mikhail for all the support and great tips. Could not have done it without you.

This 19 day Journey was made in January 2024.
Route: Ushuaia - Antarctic Peninsula - South Georgia - Falklands
Above all expectations and not even a 100% due to the bird flue.

Video made in honor of the Humpback whale.

Seals of Antarctica: The Leopard seal

Dear Sam. Made for my niece with love. May she be driven in her own adventures by seeing this.

Penguins of Antarctica Series. The Gentoo Penguin

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